Soul Readings

Cost: $60.00

Soul Readings are psychic readings of your akashic records. They include past life and current life issues and strengths effecting your present life. Also, the steps your angels and guides want you to take at this time to move forward on your Soul’s Path. These readings can be done remotely, by sending me a picture of the person requesting the reading.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Cost: $90

One-hour sessions to bring an understanding of repetitive negative behavior patterns through exploring the subconscious mind. I always include energy healing in these sessions. I believe that in order to heal, you must take the understanding of the past life to the next step—Transformation.


Rohun Therapy Workshops, Past life Regression Workshops, Women’s Workshops, Inner-Child Workshops, Healer’s Workshops, Relationship Workshops, Ro-Hun Workshops and Customized Workshops tailored to meet your groups’ specific needs.

Ministerial service

Weddings, Baptisms, Christenings, and Funeral service.