RoHun is the single most effective and in-depth method of spiritual psychotherapy today.

It is a systematic and rapid-acting psychotherapy for personal growth and change.

RoHun transforms feelings of shame, guilt, resentment, anger, unworthiness, and helplessness that have caused us to sabotage and isolate ourselves from the people and things we desire.

RoHun is not having a therapist magically touch you and make you well. It is the co-operative effort of the therapist and client entering the areas of blockages and faulty perceptions, eliminating the fault factor and reprogramming faulty patterns to thoughts of love, wisdom, confidence and strength. RoHun takes you into a deep exploration of self and self-discovery. RoHun connects you with a vitality and perception of your spirit, energizes your higher self and renews your mind.

The techniques are innovative and deep reaching. One commentator has described RoHun as the logical next step that Carl Jung would have made, had he lived long enough to take his psycho-dynamic theories into a realm of comprehensive therapeutic method.

The RoHun Therapist

The RoHun therapist specializes in perceiving and facilitating the movement, release and balance of energies in the form of emotional, mental, spiritual and physiological states. The skills of the Ro-Hun therapist draw on the knowledge of consciousness and the chakras, the invisible energetic body that surrounds the physical body. They are etheric surgeons psychically and spiritually trained to remove blocks and access and transform faulty thought patterns that can cause emotional pain, trauma and illness. They are adept at opening the spiritual perception of individuals so they may receive their own guidance, receive strength from higher aspects of their being, and journey with greater awareness. The RoHun therapist, above all is a dedicated channel of healing.

Each Doctor of RoHun™ has been extensively trained at Delphi University in Metaphysical Healing, Intuitive and Channeling skills, Root Causes of Dis-eases, Etheric Surgery, Behavioral Sciences, and Transpersonal Psychology.

Where do I begin?

RoHun Therapy

This is a cleansing and personality re-integration that is the basic psychotherapy phase of RoHun. This process releases the negative emotions and thoughts that keep the individual in negative behavior and feelings blocking optima self-development. In this process, the therapist performs thought surgery by assisting one to change negative emotions and thoughts and patterns to healthy, positive, and productive ones. Energy blocks are processed and lifted from the chakras so that the vital life force can flow freely energizing the total being.

RoHun Shadow Purification

The ultimate purpose of this phase is to access and heal the core issues concerning one’s deepest feelings of unworthiness so the individual is able to express all of their wisdom, talents and abilities. In this phase the individual is able to shift to a heightened level of awareness and love, creative productivity, peace of mind and experience a deeper sense of purpose, clarity and direction.

Advanced Stages of RoHun Therapy

RoHun Purification, the first phase is curative and cleansing. While it taps into spiritual awareness in most instances, the primary focus is psychological. The ego development that is the goal of most traditional psychotherapies is accomplished, but this growth is but a preamble of development at a higher level. With RoHun, the personality is re-integrated and cleansed from the negative effects of experience. A purer self emerges to provide a building block for the second phase.

In the advanced stages or RoHun transformation, the core purpose is to transform being, to raise the entity into awareness, to put the ego into direct connection with the higher self. The ego transcends itself by becoming aware of the soul’s identity. RoHun enables the ego to perceive the soul, the vital force of one’s being beyond personality. Reality and consciousness become permanently altered by the realization of the soul. Beyond being psychotherapy, RoHun is ultimately a Science of the Soul.

RoHun Sessions

Cost: $150 per session*

RoHun Purification

Three to five 2-hour sessions for in-depth clearing of all the major blocks in your life.

Group RoHun*

Cost may vary

Four to six sessions with a group designed as an introduction to RoHun Therapy. We will explore the chakra system and uncover faulty beliefs in order to begin the healing process.

RoHun Cleanse

One 2-hour session to clear major blocks that are keeping you “stuck”. This gives the client an opportunity to experience RoHun therapy. (It is not a prerequisite for the purification)

RoHun Skim Sessions

These are 2-hour sessions designed to clear any additional blocks that surface after the purification.

RoHun Shadow Purification

Three to Four 2-hour sessions to access and heal the core issues concerning one’s deepest feelings of unworthiness.

Advanced Stages of RoHun Therapy

Cost: $150.00 per session

The Divine Mother Process

one to two sessions

Designed to heal mother-induced spiritual fragmentation, psychological imbalance, and emotional entanglement. Activating the Divine Mother aspects within ourselves gives us access to Divine Feminine guidance and energy needed to complete our creations and give birth to anything we embrace with our hearts.

The Androgynous Process

three to four sessions

Heals the layers of internal war between the sexes, the battle of the heart and the mind. The feeling body, the heart is female, and the thinking body, the male is mind. These two are not in harmony, and this conflict is continuously played out in male female relationships. The therapy integrates the heart and the mind so that conflicts are healed, thought and feeling work together in harmony, and healthier relationships are attracted into one’s life.

Origins Process

One to two sessions

In the Origins Process one is taken back to the time of before birth, back into the Source, to heal the break with the Divine and the illusion of separation. The Origins Master RoHun™ Process integrates the soul and ego and brings them back together into unity and awareness.

The Seven Visions

Three to four sessions

The Seven Selves are the archetypal energies residing in our seven major chakras. The goal of the Seven Selves is to guide us in obtaining a collective expression of wholeness. The Seven Visions Master RoHun™ Therapy provides a rare opportunity to recognize, discover, understand, and enlighten your thoughts and feelings on every dimension of your being.


one to three sessions (must be followed by Tanks and Vaults)

An adventure into the illusion created by your Inner Child as a means of survival in an overwhelming world. This in-depth study pinpoints the repetitive and destructive mental constructs and the four major fears that sabotage love and success, and separate you from your true divine self. You will learn the “triggers” of the external world that send you into your destructive constructs. The purpose of this process is to enlighten and to experience ourselves as the divine beings we are and empower ourselves to create all that is good.

Tanks and Vaults

two to six sessions

A discovery of how the inner child’s mental constructs and fears create tanks of powerful negative emotions in the lower chakras. You will pinpoint how the energies of self abuse, self hatred, and deceit affect your physical body and form vortexes of potential disease. You will encounter conscious and unconscious death wishes and transmute them. Empowering your true Divine self and your connection to all that is.